5Dimes Cricket Betting

5Dimes is a US-focused bookmaker covering a wide range of sports, including cricket, with a simple and straightforward online betting site. 5Dimes was established in 1998 and markets itself as the betting site for seasoned gamblers. Regulated in Costa Rica, 5Dimes is open to customers from all over the world, including US clients.

How to Bet on Cricket at 5Dimes

It is not possible to view the markets on offer with 5Dimes prior to opening an account, which is a straightforward process. All accounts are held in US dollars. Once logged in account-holders can access the Sportsbook page. From this page a menu on the left-hand side lists the various types of bet available – straight bets, reverses, parlays, and so on. Selecting one of these reveals the range of sports for which that type of bet is available in the centre of the page. Select the preferred sport using the tick box menu and click the continue tab to open all the available markets if that type of bet and for that particular sport.

Odds can be displayed for each market in decimal or American format, and the bet is be selected by entering a stake.

5Dimes Cricket Betting Markets

The site has a limited range of cricket markets, usually involving current matches and mostly with outright result markets. There are generally no prop bets, futures, handicap or live betting options for cricket markets.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

For non-US clients, funds can be deposited in a 5Dimes account through a variety of methods, including debit/credit card, bank transfer, Western Union transfer, cheque, or through an online payment service (Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay). The minimum deposit amount is US$50 regardless of the deposit method used. Withdrawing funds for non-US clients is straightforward. Payments can be made via bank transfer, cheque or through an online payment service. There are fees for some types of withdrawal method, and availability depends on the country of residence.

For US clients, the options for depositing and withdrawing funds are more limited due to the various laws relating to online gambling. 5Dimes allows US clients to deposit funds using MoneyLineWallet as an intermediary. Funds are first deposited into a MoneyLineWallet account through bank transfer or eCheck, and then transferred into a 5Dimes betting account. Money Gram and Western Union can also be used to deposit cash into a 5Dimes account. Withdrawals are made by bank transfer onto a savings or checking account.

Features of the 5Dimes Site

The 5Dimes site is simple and uncluttered, and provides a wide variety of bets aimed at the experienced gambler. This allows clients to combine different types of combination bet across various sports, selecting a result market from a cricket match and a result market from a different sport.