Cricket Prop Betting

The expansion of online sports betting generally, and of online cricket betting specifically, has seen a huge increase in the availability of what are referred to as prop bets. Short for proposition, and sometimes referred to as side bets or specials, a huge variety of cricket prop bets are listed on nearly all of the major online betting sites.

Cricket prop betting differs from main bets in that it allows a gambler to place a bet on a specific event within a match, series of matches or a tournament. In comparison, a main bet is generally placed on the result, or on a variant of the result such as the final score or the winning margin.

The advantage of a prop bet is that it allows a gambler to identify potential bets in games that would otherwise not be of interest. For example, in a one day cricket match between a very strong team, such as India, and a weak team, such as Kenya, the overall result is in little doubt and there is not much value to be had on the main bets. However any number of prop bets may be available that provide a good opportunity to place a wager.

Typical prop bets in cricket can include:

• The number of runs to be scored by a specific batsman
• The total number of boundaries to be scored
• The number of wickets by a certain bowler
• The runs for a given period of the game, such as the first 10 or the final 10 overs

The variety of prop bets available is, though, pretty much limitless. More exotic prop bets include markets such as the total number of wides, the manner of the first wicket (caught, bowled, run out etc.), or the total number of sixes by one team multiplied by the number of sixes by the other team. Generally speaking, the more high profile a match is, the greater the number of prop bets will be made available by the bookmaker.

The range of cricket prop bets in spread betting is perhaps even greater than for fixed odds betting, as any possible event can be assigned a numerical value, therefore enabling the bookmaker to create a market for that event. For example, a popular market on spread betting sites is ‘player performance’, where a value is given to each action undertaken – one point for each run, ten points for each catch, and twenty points for each wicket for example – and then an estimated total points performance provided for any given player. The gambler can then decide whether they believe the player will perform above or below the predicted spread, and bet accordingly.

Future prop bets are pretty much of the same nature, except applied to future events, generally over the course of a series or tournament. This may be a bet on the leading wicket taker or the total number of sixes in a tournament. There are also numerous unusual future prop bets, such as the total number of runs scored from free hits during the one day international World Cup.

Prop bets in cricket are a great way to maintain an interest in matches where there is not a great deal of action to be had in the main markets, and also allow a gambler to exploit any specific area in which they feel they have some special knowledge or skill. Knowing the particular quirks of any given player can quickly be turned to your advantage if you have a good knowledge of cricket prop betting and get the money placed at just the right time.