Live Betting

Since the arrival of the internet and the world of online betting, one of the most fascinating changes to sports betting has been the explosion of live betting markets. The combination of rapid broadband access and satellite television coverage has led to a situation where new markets are offered and prices updated on a minute-by-minute basis for a huge range of sporting events. Cricket, with its play-by-play nature and relatively long time-intervals between each slice of action, is ideally suited to live betting.

Live cricket betting (also known as in-play betting or in running betting) takes place when certain markets are kept open after the match has started, rather than being suspended. Prices for many of the markets on offer in these games can therefore be adjusted in response to events, and the gambler can both watch and bet simultaneously in response to any feelings they have about where the game is headed.

For some live markets, such as the main result market, shifts in prices respond to fairly obvious events. Losing one or two quick wickets will see the price for both teams change by a few percentage points for example. A quick-witted gambler can respond to change in tactics or circumstances to try and secure a good price before the rest of the market moves in the same direction.

As well as results orientated markets, common live betting markets in cricket include total innings runs, total partnership runs and total runs scored by an individual batsman. Changes to prices in these markets work in one of two ways.

In one scenario, the odds in a given market will stay the same throughout the match, but the predicted outcome of that market shifts as the game is played. For example, initial price in the market for total innings runs could be 5/6 on being over 280. As the game progresses, the odds remain the same but the over/under figure of 280 changes. It may go up in response to a good partnership, or fall in response to the loss of wickets.

The second way is for the odds themselves to change as a specific event becomes more or less likely. This can happen in a market such as whether a century will be scored in an innings. As a batsman comes closer to his 100, the odds on this occurring will fall with each run scored.

Live cricket betting is widely available with online bookmakers, and some have developed a huge range of markets. Prices can be obtained for total runs in the next one or five overs for example, and some live markets are even offered ball-by-ball. Prices are available on what the result of the next ball will be – a single, a boundary, a wicket, and so on.

Live cricket betting is extremely exciting, and whilst some of the markets are a little spurious, offering just a quick adrenalin rush, others allow the gambler to follow his instincts and analysis of a game he is following. Live betting makes the game a truly interactive experience, and makes it difficult to take your eyes off it for a second – except to check out the latest change in prices of course!