Cricket Futures Betting

Cricket futures betting is the action of placing a bet on an sporting event taking place in the future, and usually in the context of some kind of tournament, such as the IPL, or a series of matches between two teams, such as the Ashes. Future betting in cricket is simple and straightforward, and as prices are often updated throughout the course of a tournament for many markets, future bets can actually be placed during a tournament itself.

There are two main kinds of cricket futures bets; main bets and prop (or side) bets, and these can placed using either fixed odds or spread betting.

Main bets are placed by selecting the winner of a given match, series or tournament that will be held in the future – not the near future, like placing a bet on a game being played tonight or tomorrow, but a game in the medium or distant future for which there are still many unknown factors – the form of the teams going into the match, injury problems affecting the team, the exact players selected and so on.

For this reason main futures bets often focus on the overall winner of a tournament or series, rather than the outcome of a specific match. For example a bet can be placed on the winner of the 2013 Ashes series, or on the winner of the 2011 one day international World Cup. As the bet has more uncertainty, the odds for the more highly favoured teams will often be better further away from the tournament. Future main bets can also be made in markets such as selecting the group winners or identifying both finalists.

Future prop bets follow the same basic principle, in that they are placed on markets that will be determined in the future, usually over the course of an entire tournament rather than a single match. The same types of markets are available as for standard prop bets, in that they do not involve choosing to bet on the overall result, but instead are placed a specific aspect of the performance by a team or individual (such as aggregate tournament runs, or the total number of sixes), or on the some other event that could take place without regard to a specific team or player (such as the total number of tournament sixes, total number of catches and so on).

Another wager available in cricket futures betting is the match bet. This puts two players up against one another in a hypothetical one-on-one contest. For instance, two batsmen could be matched up from different teams, and the bookmaker will give odds on who will score the most runs over the course of a tournament. It is not necessary for these batsmen to ever play in an actual game together, as the bet simply relates to how many runs the batsman score in total, regardless of who they are scored against.

Future bets are a good way of placing a wager that can sustain interest over the course of a whole series or tournament, and give a gambler something to look forward to in every game played without having to place a bet on every match. There is certainly a lot of value to be found, and is an integral part of cricket betting. A simple future bet on the total number of tournament sixes makes every game that little bit more interesting, and certainly gives you something to cheer whenever a batsman opens his shoulders and clears the ropes!