Dafabet Cricket Betting

If you live in Asia, chances are you have heard of Dafabet. This is a must-have sportsbook if you want to bet on sports for a living. Since they cater mainly to the Asian market, the betting options they offer are in style with this. A large part of their customer base stems from India, and thus the betting opportunities on cricket are massive at Dafabet. They were founded back in 2004, and has since gotten a large part of the betting share of China and the Philippines, where they also are situated. Dafabet is licensed and regulated by First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation (FCLRC) and Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

Betting on Cricket at Dafabet

The bets that is offered at Dafabet is listed on their left side. Here you have three different tabs you can swap between which easily sorts the tab with either bets that they offer now on games that is to be played at a later time under the ‘Early’ tab. The ‘Today’ tab features all the games that are to be played today; both those who have already started and are Live now and those that are to be played later today. Great for those who want to find a match to watch later and want some action on it to increase the excitement. The last one is the ‘Live’ tab, which features the live bet options on the current matches. For each of these, the list of sporting events that have betting options on them will be listed below, and it simply is a matter of choosing the one you prefer.

When you have found the time and the sport you want to bet on, you can then click on the ‘Select League’ tab over the selection window. Here you can quickly find the league you follow the most and want to place a bet on. Notice that you can select several leagues at the same time if you want to check and compare odds over the different leagues.

Now you are presented with the odds and offers for the selected leagues, and you pick and choose the games you want to bet on. If you want to bet on a single game, click on the odds you want to bet and a betting slip will pop-up on the left hand side where you can fill in the amount you wish to stake on the game. If you want to parlay more games together, simply click on more odds and add up as many games as you want to for maximum return on your bets.

Dafabet Cricket Betting Markets

Although Dafabet is marketing themselves mostly towards the Asian market, their offers on cricket pre-games are pretty weak. You will find most of the games have odds on them, but not all that many options. This however increases ten-fold when the games gets close to start and are underway. The Live market at Dafabet is incredible and will often involve massive action, so you can expect to bet on great odds at high limits.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds from Dafabet

At Dafabet, you can deposit using the most common funding methods that online bookmakers use, which includes Neteller, Skrill/Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Web Money, Wire Transfers (local bank transfers), Asiapay88, eCashAsia, AsianTeller and others. In addition, there are several different currencies you can use and all the methods are quick, secure and safe. The minimum amount you can deposit depends on the method you use, so check your method when you are depositing.

When you want to withdraw, you use the same method as when you deposited. This is for the ease of the bookmaker and your own convenince. This makes it so that no one can potentially rob you, should something happen.

Features of Dafabet

The best feature we find is the ease of betting on events, when you simply want some action. Me and my friend love to bet on whatever event when we are sitting at home chilling, and Dafabet offers a very quick and easy way to find something fun to bet on. And most of these options are live as well.

In addition, you have the 24/7 live customer support that is there to help with all your needs, which is an excellent feature. This seems to become the industry standard for bookmakers these days, but it should be commended none the less.