Cricket Betting Sites

More and more bookmakers are wising up to the fact that cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world. There are so many new tournaments that pop up around the world, and it is not just people from India, England and Australia who watch and participate in these games anymore. It is spreading to the US, West Indies, South Africa, and a lot of other smaller nations are coming up strong in this form of sport. The sportsbooks have started to add lots of different betting markets in cricket, ranging from the bigger tournaments like the Indian Premier League and the Cricket World Cup to smaller ones like the Friends Life T20 in England and Caribbean Premier League in the West Indies. Now you can mostly pick and choose among the biggest and best in the betting industry as to where you want to deposit as the markets in cricket are getting bigger.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

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What We Look For In A Good Betting Site

When we are scouring the web trying to find the best cricket betting sites available, we have certain criterias we are looking more closely at than others in deciding which bookmaker we will deposit at. Remember though that it is often wise to keep money available at as many bookmakers as you can afford to. This is to ensure that you can get the best odds on the match that you will be betting on, as it is not always the same bookie has the best odds everytime you are betting.

How To Bet On Cricket

We explain how you can bet on cricket at the site in question. We delve into where you can find the cricket betting markets, how you place a bet, and other features that comes with betting at that specific bookmaker. Here it is important, if we are to recommend the sportsbook to you guys, that the interface is easy to use, that they offer several currencies and other factors that might give them a higher rank of ours.

Cricket Betting Markets

This is one of the biggest points for us: having a large selection of cricket betting options and markets available is important to us, naturally. It will not necessarily be that big of a let down if they don’t offer bets on the smallest of leagues, but it is a big plus if they offer a lot of markets, like Bet365 does. The more markets that are available, the more opportunities we have to find good bets, so definitely a big plus if they are serving lots of bets.

Banking Options

In todays day and age depositing funds at an online bookmaker isn’t as easy as one would believe. If you have been betting on sports online for some time, you know what I am talking about. More and more countries are trying to crack down on online gambling by imposing restrictions on where you can put your money. Thi has for example made it very hard to bet on cricket in USA. For us it is important that a website offers the right depositing and withdrawal methods in order for us to even consider the bookmaker. The more options available, the better!

Other Features

We will also consider others parts of the sportsbook, like the interface, availability of other games like poker and casinos, good customer service, generous bonuses and promotions, reputation, and so on. If we feel something is worth noting, we will do so at the end of the review.

So if you want to find a bookmaker of your choice, have a look at our list you saw further up and check out the overview. If you see a site of interest, either visit it and take a look or check out our review of it. If you have any questions or would like us to write a review of a specific site, please do not hesitate to contact us.