Slow times for cricket matches and betting tips

So I have been slacking off writing up betting tips for my readers, and I would like to apologize for that, but I am going to increase this in the future, especially now that the Ashes series is coming up. I will try to cover all of the games and hopefully make you guys (and myself!) some more money. I believe my betting system is coming together nicely, and I have a plan in store where I want to share some ideas and information with you on how to bet on cricket profitably.

Other esoteric things to bet on

Ive started to dabble in other betting markets as well as cricket. I have already been betting on the NFL regurlary, but has now also tried my hands at e-sports betting and some live betting strategies. These have proved to give some nice return compared to how much work is needed to handicap the games. This is because the markets are a lot smaller and thus is not as efficient as the bigger sports that is followed closely by many bettors. Since not that many people are following and betting on these events, it is less likely that the odds are being corrected by sharp bettors who won’t bother with such low stakes. This allows small timers to pick up the free money that is out there.

Trying out Bitcoin betting online

Many internet nerds (including me) are taking a liking to the new crypto currency that is Bitcoins. This currency allows people to be anonymous, is not touched by inflation and is increasingly being used as legal tender at many well-known retailers like OkCupid, WordPress, Namecheap, Reddit and many more.

Another set of online retailers that has started to accept this as payment are sportsbooks. I have come across two who I have tried my hand at betting, and it is very easy. Especially Nitrogen Sports don’t even need to have you create an account. Simply deposit funds and start betting at once. For those who are familiar with bitcoins, this should be a simple way to bet online. Betcoin Sports is another bookie that has been around for over a year and is quite solid. Tell each of them to add cricket and I won’t need anything else, haha.

If you are new to bitcoins, take a look at the video below for a simple introduction to the now famous crypto currency: