Regarding our sportsbook reviews

The review space on our site has been pretty stale over the last years, where we have only had the same 9 sportsbook reviews up for some time. I went ahead and did a rewrite on most of them and added a couple. The most notable changes are the addition of two new sportsbooks, BetOnline and Dafabet. These are solid bookmakers in our opinion and have their own unique feature which we feel may serve our readers in one way or another.

Check out their reviews here:
BetOnline Review
Dafabet Review

As for other changes, we have rewritten and updated some of the info at the other websites pages, but the most important one is the review of BetUS. This bookmaker has in the later years shown itself to be quite the scam outfit. I have posted an update on their review (check out the update here) where I have explained the situation to our readers and warn them not to place their money at BetUS.

For now, these are the websites we use for our cricket betting online. There are off course others, but these are the one we have used the most and recommend at the same time. I might put up bad reviews, or which sites to avoid, but I feel that somehow defeats the purpose. I will let the BetUS page stay up, to warn other people and hopefully continue to give them a bad rep, which they deserve for their scummy behaviour.