Preview of the Ashes 2013: The First Still Burns Amidst The Ashes

Cricket is considered to be a gentleman’s game and there is a fair deal said about upholding the “spirit of the game”. Come the 10th of July 2013, the biggest cricketing rivalry and arguably the most anticipated test series of 2013 will begin, when England take on Australia in the Ashes.

The Ashes 2013: Media Coverage

Whenever an Ashes series takes place there is a lot at stake and that includes money. Millions of dollars are paid by television channels such as Sky Sports in the UK and Channel 9 in Australia to get the rights of telecast. The channels have also brought in a number of ex-ashes test cricketers to commentate on the game and make it more interesting for the viewers. Australia have Richie Benaud, Mark Taylor, Shane Warne and Ian Healy who have all played major roles in the Ashes. England have Ian Botham, David Gower, Michael Atherton and Nasser Hussain. All of them have not only played in Ashes series before, but they are also ex-captains of England and will know exactly what is happening out there on the cricket field.

The Ashes: The Star Players

England – Top Three Players To Watch Out For in the Ashes 2013
Jimmy Anderson: The England bowling coach David Saker went on record to say that Anderson is the best swing bowler in the world right now and rated him even higher than South African superstar Dale Steyn. In English conditions, Anderson is lethal and will be the main threat for the Aussie batsmen.


Alistair Cook: Captain, opening batsmen and the player of the last Ashes series. The Aussies know how badly they need to get Cook out. Cook is a run machine and someone who rises to the occasion. He will lead England from the front and if he has a good series, England will most likely retain the ashes.

Kevin Pietersen: Say what you want about KP, he is a match winner. Egoistic, eccentric, troublesome but still capable of changing the course of a match single handedly. Shane Warne, the Aussie great, said if KP does not play in the Ashes, Australia have a realistic chance of winning. Unfortunately for the Aussies, KP is fit and raring to go.

Australia – Top Three Players To Watch Out For in the Ashes 2013
Michael Clarke: Captain, star batsman and the most senior of all the Aussie players. There is no doubt that he has a huge task before him with back to back Ashes. He is captaining a relatively inexperienced team and will have be the batting mainstay. If Clarke does not fire, Australia will most likely lose the Ashes. However, the biggest threat to Clarke may not be the English bowlers but his dodgy back. If Clarke gets ruled out through injury, Australia will be in big trouble.

Shane Watson: Rated as one of the best all-rounder’s in world cricket, Watson is yet to set the test arena on fire. Watson will open the batting and also have a huge role to play as the 4th seamer. Watson has had his fair share of trouble with injuries, disciplinary reasons as well as a much publicized rocky relationship with captain Michael Clarke. He will have to put all this behind him and perform in every single test match.


James Pattinson: Pattinson has only played a handful of test matches but he has showed that he has the aggression, swing and ability to run through a side. He will no doubt open the bowling for Australia and be expected to get the early breakthrough. If his body holds up to the grind of a 5 test match series, Pattinson could be the most lethal bowler for Australia.

The Ashes 2013: Predictions

For this 2013 Ashes series, the Aussies will have to battle not just the English cricket team but also English weather conditions and the Barmy Army. A tough task in normal circumstances but considering what the Aussie team has been through ever since their tour of India, they are starting this series on the back foot. England hold the ashes and are the clear favorites to retain it. Even if Australia somehow manage to draw this test series, the rule states that the current Ashes champions will retain the trophy. Australia have nothing to lose and everything to play for come Wednesday, the 10th of July.

Even though England has looked very strong throughout 2013, and Australia is somewhat weak, we believe a bet on the Aussies will pay handsomely if they are to pull off the unlikely win here.

Ashes 2013 Series Winner: Australia, 5.00 @