Betting updates and other stuff

I am trying to post up as many cricket betting tips as I can here at, but there are so many things that are going on in my life at times that makes it very hard to stay on top of things. I have a plan to make it more up to date by adding some betting experts that will help with the betting tips. This way I hope to be able to cover more matches; from the ICC Champions Trophy and other international tournaments, down to the local legues like the county league in England. I am making money on other tips in other leagues, but I think I will stick to the cricket bets on this page. Let me know if you are looking for extra tips here.

ICC Champions Trophy 2013

There are some betting tips on the Champions Trophy tourney this year, and considering that it is the last year the tournament will be held and the fighting for being the last winner of it would be a great prize for all of the teams. So far, India and New Zealand are looking good to advance, while Pakistan have been off to a slow start and are unlikely to get to the playoffs. A lot of surprising results for sure, especially very low scoring games, and there will be more I reckon.

Posts on different topics

I am trying to come up with some more different topics I can delve into that would be interesting to you, my readers. Please let me know if you would like to see some specific topic covered; either regarding cricket or betting in general, I have a lot of experience with both of these fields.

I am thinking of going into some more advanced betting strategy. I mostly cover the basic stuff on my website, but I have a lot more to offer. Problem is that most of these topics doesn’t necessarily relate to cricket specifically and I am hesitant to add them here. Maybe I should create another site where I share those things. For now I have some ideas for some good live cricket betting strategies that I have used with success in the IPL, so stay tuned.