20 20 Betting

One of the most exciting developments in cricket in recent years has been the growth of Twenty20 cricket at both national and international level. This fast-paced, exciting cricket format is played over a shorter period than traditional one day and Test match cricket, and offers a range of fascinating 20 20 betting opportunities.

Types of Twenty20 Bets

Outright Bets

The most straightforward 20-20 cricket bet is the main market on the result of the game. There is no tie in Twenty20, as a tie-break over is played if scores are level at the end of 20 overs per team. In tournament Twenty20, such as the World Cup, outright markets are available on the winner, finalists and group winners, depending on the format of the tournament.

Prop Bets – Batting

The nature of Twenty20 cricket means that highest run-scorer is not necessarily the main market in batting. Much of the focus is on team batting scores and the amount of runs scored in specific overs or sets of overs as well as total team score. Highest run-scorer is still a popular market however, along with fastest run-scorer, where the batsman with the highest strike rate above a minimum number of runs is the winning pick. The batsman or team scoring the most boundaries is also a popular Twenty20 market.

Prop Bets – Bowling

Bowling bets generally focus on leading wicket taker and economy rates. Most boundaries conceded and most dot balls are also regular prop betting markets in Twenty20 cricket betting.

Totals and Specials

Totals markets are popular in Twenty20, with total 4s and 6s always featuring. Other 20-20 betting markets include total runs of free hits, total wides and extras, total dot balls and so on.

Live Betting

Many live cricket betting markets in Twenty20 focus on the next over, with bets available on the number of runs off each ball, total over runs, number of boundaries/wickets/extras and so on. Multi-overs also features, where the runs from one over are multiplied by runs from the subsequent over, to give a projected total on which a market is based.

Another type of live bet is based around the fall of the next wicket, with bets available on which of the two batsman will be out first, the manner of the next wicket (caught, run out etc), and the partnership runs scored before the next wicket.

How to Bet on Twenty20 Cricket

The Twenty20 game is quick and momentum can change rapidly with a few dot balls or a couple of wicket, and this makes betting a challenging experience. Games can go one way or another based on a couple of good performances, so picking winners and top scorers is also difficult. Some helpful hints to keep in mind when betting on Twenty20 cricket include:

• Make lots of small live bets: A good idea is to put aside a fixed amount for live betting, and use that for the over to over, or even ball to ball, live bets. Given there are 240 balls on which to place a bet, and that picking the right result relies more on luck than skill, it is useful to have a pre-set limit for live bets.

• Know your players: Different batsman have different strategies with regards to scoring runs. Some like to place the ball, others blast it. Some need a few balls to get going, others open their shoulders from the first ball they face. Knowing how the batsman at the crease (and those to follow) play their Twenty20 cricket can help when picking bets.

• Outsiders have a chance: Generally speaking, the longer the game format the less chance smaller teams have. This means minor teams do pull off upsets in Twenty20 cricket, so keep an eye on prices for the outsider in the outright markets.

About Twenty20 Cricket

History of Twenty20 Cricket

Twenty20 was first played in England in 2003 in domestic competition, and the first international was played in 2005 between New Zealand and Australia. Since then there have been three Twenty20 World Cups, and it is expected that a tournament will be held every two years. Most cricket tours by international teams include at least one Twenty20 match, and the domestic competitions are amongst the most popular form of the game in terms of spectator numbers.

As well as domestic competions and international Twenty20 cricket, there are two other major tournaments; the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Champions League. The latter tournament sees the top domestic teams from the major cricket nations compete for the Champions Trophy, and the IPL is a franchise-based tournament played in India but notable for the large number of high-profile international players that take part. Each of these tournaments was first played in 2008.

International Twenty20 Records and Statistics

South Africa are the most successful international team in terms of their win percentage, having won 66% of matches played, followed by Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. The inaugural World Cup was won by India in 2007, and Pakistan won the second tournament in 2009. Despite a relatively poor overall win-loss record England won the 2010 World Cup.

Sri Lanka hold the record for the highest team score in international Twenty20, scoring 260 against Kenya in 2007. South African and Australia each have four scores over 200. In the first five years of international Twenty20 cricket, only four batsman had scored centuries and only five players had taken five wickets in an innings.