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The advent of online gambling has hugely expanded the opportunities for betting on sports events, and few sports are as suited to online betting as cricket. The relatively long duration of matches, the variety of formats, the options presented by individual, team and series performances, and the inherent focus of the sport on numbers and statistics all combine to provide online bookmakers with a vast amount of flexibility when it comes to creating different types of online cricket betting markets. This variety also provides the online gambler with a great opportunity for enjoying a wager, whether as a cricket aficionado trying to capitalise on their knowledge of the sport, or a casual spectator enjoying a punt on a high-profile match.

If you're looking to place a bet on cricket right now, then choose from one of the top three best online cricket betting sites listed in the tables below. These sites have been ranked based on the cricket betting markets available, the odds on offer and the ease of depositing and cashing out from the site. If you want to check out a bigger list of sites, go to our page on the best cricket betting sites online.

Best Cricket Bet Selection

Bet365 are one of the biggest names in gambling. Their online cricket betting section provides a wide array of betting markets to wager on. They also offer the top odds of any of the major online sportsbooks.

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At a Glance

  • Excellent Industry Reputation
  • Competitive Cricket Odds
  • Wide Range Of Betting Markets
  • Extremely Quick Cashouts

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Bodog (or now also called Bovada) are the safest and most reliable of all the US sportsbooks and they welcome new US bettors with open arms. Betting on Bodog is completely legal in the United States.

Players who set up a new account at Bodog will receive a free bet of up to $250 that can be cleared by betting on cricket and other sports at Bodog.

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At a Glance

  • Accepts US Bettors
  • Big Free Bet of $250
  • Best US Cricket Betting Site
  • Easy Credit Card Deposits

100% Up To £20 Free Bet

Betfair is another highly innovative book which has made a point of being regarded as a ‘must have’ sportsbook when it comes to cricket betting online. The prices on offer are always extremely competitive and if you are serious about online cricket betting then this is a another sportsbook that you should definitely consider.

Betfair Accepted Deposit Options: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, eWallets, Paypal, Wire and Money Transfer

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(Unfortunately, cricket fans in the USA cannot place bets at Betfair.)


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  • Free £25 Bet For New Accounts
  • Back Or Lay Bets
  • Massive International Brand
  • Tons Of Depositing Options

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Cricket Betting Online

There are thousands of firms offering prices on cricket matches, and all of the large UK-based high street betting chains, such as Ladbrokes and William Hill, have a strong online presence. Other companies, such as Betfair and Sporting Index, exist online only but have well-established reputations and have been at the forefront of the development and growth in online sports gambling. If you are looking to do sports betting in India then you should look at sites like Bet365 or Dafabet who are focused on serving that region. Beyond these large agencies there are thousands of other sites offering odds on domestic and international cricket matches around the world.

The large number of betting sites and the enormous array of betting options, whilst presenting a fantastic amount of opportunity and choice, can be bewildering, even to a reasonably experienced gambler. Given this, it’s certainly worth getting an understanding of some of the main factors involved in online cricket betting before taking the plunge and making some actual bets.

Online Cricket Betting Markets

There are a huge number of markets available for online cricket betting, including main markets, side or prop bets, future bets and match bets. Both main markets and side bets are often available prior to the match and live, with prices for different bets changing as the game is being played.

Main markets are those focused simply on the result of a specific game, where the client can get odds on victory for a certain team. There may be handicap prices also available, and it is also possible to have slightly more exotic versions of the main market bet when it is combined with the margin of victory.

There are also a vast number of side markets associated with online cricket betting. These side markets, also known as prop (or proposition) bets, are extremely common, and may be more popular than the main markets themselves.

Side bets are often placed on the outcome of specific events within the overall game. This may be the number of sixes in an innings or the number of wickets for a specified bowler. Side bets can also be placed on a defined outcome within a part of a the overall match: the number of runs scored in a specific over for example, or the number of runs scored in a partnership between two specific batsman, or the total runs scored in the first 5 overs of a match. Generally speaking, the higher the profile of a match, the larger the range of side bets available.

Futures bets are also popular, and are usually placed on the overall outcomes of an event spanning several games, such as a tournament or series of games. A popular futures market for the one day international Cricket World Cup may be that for selecting the overall winner, or the winner of the individual groups. Futures markets are also available for side bets, such as the leading run-scorer in the tournament or total number of sixes by a specific player or team.

It is also possible to get prices on a range of match bets. In these markets two named players compete against each other, either within a match or over an entire series or tournament. For example, a match bet between Andrew Strauss and Graeme Smith will be won by the player scoring the most runs in the one day international World Cup. Match bets are either proposed by the bookmakers, or can be selected by the bettor, who will then be given odds for that match-up.

Fixed Odds and Spread Betting

There are two types of bet available to the prospective cricket gambler - fixed price betting, or spread betting – and it is crucial to understand the main differences between them before choosing where to put your money.

Fixed price betting gives the gambler the option of placing a set amount of money on a given event, such as the winner of a specific match. If correct, the bet will pay out a fixed amount in winnings as well as returning the amount staked. Although there are different ways of formulating a fixed price – American odds, fractional odds or decimal odds are the main systems used – the end result is the same. The stake is fixed at the outset with the bookmaker, and the potential winnings are determined at that point by the accepted odds. In other words, the potential profit or loss is known and cannot change.

Spread betting operates on a different basis. In spread betting the outcome is not the only factor to consider when placing a bet. The variation between the final result and the value of the initial spread at which the bet was placed is critical to determining the actual profit or loss of the bet. Once the final result is known and the market is closed, the difference between the final result and the initial price of the market is multiplied by the stake to determines how much money is lost or paid out.

The main difference between fixed odds betting and spread betting is one of uncertainty. With fixed price betting the cost of the bet is known from the outset, as are the potential winnings. With spread betting the final profit or loss is uncertain and constantly changing, until the final result is known and the market is closed.

Cricket Betting Online

Online cricket betting has grown massively in recent years. The range of markets available, as well as the options presented by either fixed odds or spread betting, mean that there is something for everyone, from the casual gambler to the hardened pro. One should be very well versed in the cricket niche to be able to deduce the winners of the different events. The hardest decision these days isn’t simply trying to choose a winner – it’s more likely to be choosing which market and with which bookmaker to place your money in the first place!